The company «China TEXMATECH Co., Ltd» held more than 80 foreign engineering projects with a total capacity of 5 million spindles of cotton spinning in 50 countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

At present our company accumulated a wealth of experience in international projects, pre-established by management system for projects and training of highly qualified managerial and professional work teams.

Among the above mentioned projects have "turnkey" projects, that is fully developed by our specialists, including the balance of equipment, air conditioning and filtration systems, air circulation system (underground channels and air), etc., as well as projects for the partial re-equipment, cotton-supply projects, silk spinning, silk winding, weaving, dyeing and other equipment and technology.

Such as:

1. JSC "Rishtonteks" (Ferghana);

2. JSC "Markhamat" (Andijan region);

3. JV "Romstar" (Bukhara region);

4. JV "Inshoot Turhal" (Bukhara region);

5. JV "Poytug Tex" (Andijan region);

6. JV "Tagustekstil" (Andijan region);

7. JSC "Beshariktekstil" (Ferghana);

8. JSC "Asakatekstil" (Andijan region);

9. LLC "Polvontoshtekstil" (Andijan region);

10. LLC "Madaniyattekstil" (Andijan region);

11. LLC "Margilon Osie Tex" (Ferghana);

12. JV "Dhaka Tex" (Samarkand region);

13. JV "Bakht Textiles" (Navainskaya Province);

14. JV "Turhal Rabotkoziteks" (Bukhara region);

15. JV «Silver Silk» (Fergana and Tashkent region);

16. JV "Amin Invest International" (Samarkand region);

17. JV "Cotton Tex" (Khorezm region) and other.

Moreover, in some objects are carried out installation works and other projects in the stage of development.

For today planned number of modern and dynamic projects that contribute to the expansion and development of the textile industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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